Patient Satisfaction Survey

Overall, how would you rate the care you received while at Sydney Day Hospital?(Required)
Thinking about the pre admission process, did the information provided prepare you well for your surgery?(Required)
Did you feel you were treated with dignity and respect while you were at Sydney Day Hospital?(Required)
My views and concerns were listened to
My individual needs were met
When a need could not be met, staff explained why
I felt cared for
How often did the Doctors, Nurses and other health care professionals caring for you explain things in a way you could understand?(Required)
Were you involved in making decisions about your treatment and care as much as you wanted to be?(Required)
I received pain relief that met my needs
When I was in the hospital, I felt confident in the safety of my treatment and care
I experienced unexpected harm or distress as a result of my treatment or care
My harm or distress was discussed with me by staff
Did you have worries or fears about your procedure while at Sydney Day Hospital? Did the healthcare professional caring for you discuss these fears and provide you with reassurance?(Required)
If you needed assistance, were you able to get a member of staff to help you within a reasonable time frame?(Required)
As far as I was aware, the staff communicated with each other well to deliver the most effective form of care.(Required)
Thinking about when you left the day surgery unit were you given enough information to manage your care at home? Were you adequately informed of post operative instructions and follow up appointments?(Required)
Thinking about the day following your surgery, did the nurse conducting your follow up phone call answer your questions and provide you with reassurance?(Required)