Privacy Policy

ACURIO Health Group is committed to its ongoing compliance with the Privacy Act 1988, Privacy Amendment (Enhancing Privacy Protection) Act 2012, Health Records and Information Privacy Act 2002 (NSW), Privacy Regulation 2013 and the Australian Privacy Principles relating to the handling of personal and health information that it collects and holds. It has procedures in place to protect personal information from misuse, interference, loss, unauthorised access, modification or disclosure.


Our privacy obligations relating to your personal and health information are detailed below.  Should you have any question relating to the collection or use of your personal information while in our care, please contact the relevant facility listed below.

What information about  me is collected?

To assist us in your care, we may require the following information:

  • Name
  • Date of birth
  • Address (residential, postal and electronic)
  • Telephone Numbers
  • Gender
  • Marital status
  • Occupation
  • Religious beliefs or affiliations
  • Country of birth
  • Indigenous status
  • Language spoken
  • Health Fund Membership
  • Medicare, Department of Veterans’ Affairs, Concession card details and other healthcare identifiers
  • Workers’ compensation or other insurance claim details
  • Details of family, next of kin, escort or carer and emergency contact details
  • Medical History
  • Details of any physical examination, investigations and results
  • Details of previous treatments and operations
  • Relevant family medical history
  • Details of allergies, sensitivities and adverse reactions to drugs
  • Other Health Information
  • Names of General Practitioner and/or other doctors past or present involved in your care
  • Name of referring practitioner
  • Accounting Transaction details associated with our services
  • Additional information provided to us by the patient
  • Information provided through patient questionnaires and surveys

Why do we collect this information and what do we use it for?

We will only collect your personal information if we have a lawful reason to do so such as a legal duty, if we have your consent or when it is in our legitimate interest to do so.

Your information is used by those involved in your care and treatment and reasons may include the following to:

  • Assess and provide patients with appropriate services and education relating to their medical treatment and care
  • Assist with any calls relating to enquiries, emergency, follow up
  • Plan, budget, fund and strive for ongoing improvement with our internal administration procedures
  • Process private health insurance claims, billing and debt recovery
  • Provide information and to assist other medical, nursing and allied health professionals who provide necessary follow up treatment and ongoing care
  • Participate in Benchmarking and Clinical Indicator programs to enable us to assess our level of service when compared to other hospitals in a de-identified format  
  • Provide data in both identified and de-identified form to State and Commonwealth Departments and Agencies in compliance with relevant legislation
  • Provide training and ongoing education in a de-identified format
  • Comply with Third Party Bodies bound by us in agreement to the Privacy Principles. These bodies audit our facility for compliance to Australian Standards, Codes and Legislation, NSQHSS for the purposes of accreditation
  • Assist specialist Sub Contractors and Consultants bound by the Privacy Principles who assist us in the management of our facility
  • Address liability indemnity arrangement with insurers, legal representatives and medical defence organisations
  • Use information for a secondary purpose that is directly related with consent of the patient or within reasonable expectations
  • Customer service management
  • Surveys and general research
  • Training and events
  • Business relationship management

ACURIO Health Group endeavours to ensure that the personal information collected is accurate, complete, up to date.  If your personal information is out or date or inaccurate please contact us so we can update your information.  If we are not provided with accurate or complete information when requested, then this may result in you not being provided with the correct and required standard of care.

How is your information protected?  

Information about you is securely stored in either hard copy or electronic form, including cloud based systems.  We keep personal and heath information secure from unauthorised access, use or loss.  We maintain strict policies on who has authority to access and receive your personal information and all employees are bound by a formal agreement on privacy and confidentiality.  We utilise document storage security and each employee has their own unique password for access.  We educate and monitor staff to ensure information is handled confidentially, with respect and care at all times.

Who else has access to your information? 

It may be necessary for us to share your information outside our facilities so you can obtain the care and help you need.  For example, we may provide information about you to:

  • Other health services, hospitals or specialists involved in your care (eg. your General Practitioner, Optometrist or Paediatrician)
  • Local district health facilities responsible for health, aged care and disability to assist them to provide health services to you
  • Government departments – if you receive healthcare services through Department of Veterans Affairs or Defence Force.
  • Other organisations who have a contract with Acurio to provide certain services, such as accreditation, audits or survey processes
  • Research institutions or sponsors working in collaboration with Acurio or are part of a government department, in accordance with privacy laws
  • Private health insurance companies and Medicare Australia.
  • Other parties that you grant permission to receive your information, including relatives, close friends and carers
  • Anyone to whom we are required by law to disclose your personal information to, and The My Health Record (unless you have opted out).

We may also use your information:

  • To contact you for feedback about your experience, so we can continue to improve the quality and safety of our service
  • For accounting, billing or debt recovery

Occasionally, it is a requirement for us to share information about you without your consent.  By law, we are required to provide your information to:

  • Child protection agencies if there are concerns about the safety, welfare or wellbeing of a child or young person
  • Police if we learn about a serious crime, this includes assault, domestic violence or abuse
  • Government agencies for statutory reporting purposes, such as to report a notifiable disease. This information is used to warn the community about the spread of infection and disease
  • The court if ordered by subpoena

Should we be required to share your information under these conditions, we will only share the information that is needed.

How do you access your information?

You may request access to your medical record and personal information by making a written application in accordance with the Health Records Information Act.  A fee may be applicable for this.  If authorisation is for a third party to access your information, then a letter of authority and confirmation of identity will be required prior to release.  If there is any information in your record that you believe is incorrect you may request an amendment and this should be in writing. In the instance that ACURIO does not agree with the amendment then you will be notified in writing.  However, you may make a statement of the requested change and this will be kept with your medical record. In some circumstances access to your medical record may be declined however, this would be in accordance with relevant legislation and you would receive a written response.

Questions and Concerns

If you have any questions or concerns about your medical record, how your information is stored, shared, or have a complaint relating to privacy, please contact the relevant contact at the site listed below. 

If a response is not received within 30 days or you are dissatisfied with the response then please lodge a complaint directly in writing with OAIC.  For further information or to access the online Privacy Complaint Form please refer to The Office of the Australian Information Commissioner (OAIC), GPO Box 5218, Sydney NSW 2001.

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